Now you can buy  high quality face masks from our e-shop from 2.90 euro/ mask!
You can also find handmade jewelery in many designs.        Buying from us you support children in Greece with serios health problems and families that have been severly affected by covid-19!


Face mask for adult in different colors and borders  

Safe face mask for children in many colors and patterns

Comfortable and safe masks in many colors and designs

Face mask for children with happy colors and patterns 100% cotton!

A childs life  should never be at danger because of economic difficulties.
All families should have the right to act in case of severe health problems, especially in the cases where the child have to be transferred to a special Clinic/Hospital abroad because of lack of adequate medical equipment or because of lack of medical knowledge.
Therefore, the Charitable Association Care work hard so that parents can have the ability to proceed in their own struggle.
No child should have to lose the battle for  life due to lack of financial means.
No one can help everybody but all together we ca help some.

 Thank you for caring!

Most of the children we support need our help every month! Your contribution very important!
If you would like to support our work so that we can help more children you can make a deposit to our bank account at
Piraeus Bank
IBAN : GR16 0172 7010 0057 0109 4254 121
Name: Filanthropiko Somateio Noiazomai 

When dealing with very serious health problems children need our support and love, together we can all be a part of accomplishing this important mission.
                 A MOTHERS THOUGHTS       

I will remember the words of that moment for the rest of my life.
My baby Eleftheria stands face to face with the worst of enemies and she will have to stand a worthy fighter in a fight risking her life.
Thoughts, pictures, moments, words, feelings all inside one  sack and all though you know that there is a hole in the bottom you will have to carry it on until the end of the route.
You are obligated to do it. Your only ally: faith, your only weapon: the strength of your soul, your only concern: completing this mission.
Inside you two worlds conflicting. One filled with sadness, disappointment, despair. The other power, composure, patience, positivity.
In all this contrast you must remain intact and not to forget that your only purpose is to reach this mission to the end.